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Here are the latest Green Smoke coupon codes, deals, discounts and promos for 2016 to help you save, followed by a review of the brand.

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An e-cigarette is an electronic device, powered by battery, and uses a heating element to heat a flavored liquid into a sweet-smelling vapor. The liquid creates a much cleaner smelling vapor than the smoke that has become taboo to so many and is usually made of propylene glycol (a food additive), vegetable glycerin and some sort of flavoring.

It can also be made to contain different levels of nicotine, or none at all. At the emergence of e-cigarettes, almost all were shaped and decorated to look much like the cigarettes so many people have become averted to.

These analog e-cigarettes were very expensive and most brands did not produce much vapor. Since then, the market has evolved and the e-cig has since become a great tool for smokers to find a great alternative. Especially for those on a tight budget, it’s now cheaper than ever if you buy these products online. Here are the best ways to save money with by shopping on their website.

All products purchased online ship for free and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Most online purchases tack on a shipping fee, which really add up over time. We of course offer great promo codes that can be used at checkout.

Needless to say, it’s amazing to find a company who promises to send anything purchased for just the price of the products. To get started, they offer starter packs.

The most basic pack costs $18.49 and only comes with 1 battery, a USB charger and 2 cartridges; but don’t forget you can use a coupon code to save additional money. Most consumers will find that one battery leaves a bit of usage time to be desired and will purchase a couple more batteries to be safe.

Purchased individually, extra batteries cost $15.71 a piece. It’s not uncommon to get a wall charger and a car charger to keep a constant charge, which will run you $13.86 and $18.49 respectively.

To keep your cartridges and batteries together, a case will run you at least another $18.49. The numbers start adding up and for all of this without any extra cartridges, the total comes out to $85.04, which would be marked up further if purchased at the store.

An excellent way to save money with is to purchase these items in their Pro Kit, which provides 3 batteries, a case, 10 cartridges (2 packs of 5), as well as a USB charger, a wall charger AND a car charger. That gives enough battery power to last through a work day, as well as chargers for any situation; and with the case and cartridges, only comes out to $74.05.

That’s a savings of $10.99 just for bundling together all of the items that would normally be purchased separately anyway. Of course our Green Smoke coupon code should be used before checking out to make sure you get the maximum discount possible.

The fluid that GreenSmoke uses comes in 3 tobacco flavors reminiscent of heavy, medium and light smokes, or menthol, so those who want to use these as an alternative to smoking and retain some of the nostalgia are in luck.

Everyone has different tastes, and people vape different amounts, so the liquids also contain varying levels of nicotine from 2.4% for the heavy smoker all the way to 0% for the person who just needs to puff on something.

Purchased in packs of 5, these cartridges cost $13.00 per pack. For 100 cartridges (20 packs of 5), consumers are looking at $260.00, which will last a good amount of time, but still seems a bit steep if purchasing everything individually, rather than bundled. If the cartridges are bundled together into one purchase, they come out to $199.40, which cuts off $8.31 per pack, or a whopping $60 dollars off the order. That seems much more like it.

Just for perspective, here’s a comparison of the individually purchased items total versus the bundled package. For 3 batteries, 102 cartridges, 3 different chargers (USB, wall and car) and a case, the total comes out to $345.04, which can be expected to be marked up in a store.

At the same time, 3 batteries, 110 cartridges, all 3 chargers and a carrying case bundled together comes out to $273.45. With the 10% off for signing up for their mailing list, you can get the same bundle for $246.10, which is less than just purchasing 20 individual 5 packs of cartridges.

E-cigarettes have become very popular and the prices have evolved with the products. They are safer and cheaper, especially when you implement our promo codes for Green Smoke products.

More About Green Smoke & Their Coupon Codes

Most people have heard of or seen e-cigarettes by now, but many have heard the term and either don’t really know what the products consist of, or picture the traditional cigarettes of yore and are so averted that they cannot picture a better alternative with a similar name.

For those who are either unaware of what e-cigarettes consist of, these typically consist of a battery, a cartridge of some sort that holds flavored juice made from USDA-approved food additives and a heating element to heat the juice. Some juices contain nicotine, while others do not, but regardless of nicotine content the juice is heated up until it forms a vapor.

Unlike traditional smoking, this vapor does not stink in the same manner. It often smells sweet as they can even come in sweet flavorings, so although vaping is not permitted where smoking is not permitted, other individuals do not suffer the odor. Whether vaping indoors or outdoors, the vapor dissipates eventually and does not leave a lingering stench.

Other Brands

With the basic understanding of what sets e-cigarettes apart from conventional cigarettes, one might wonder what sets one e-cig apart from the others. At the gas station, there are a variety of low-priced e-cigarettes with many different names. Green Smoke coupon codes cannot be used at places like gas stations.

How does one choose which product is worth trying and why?

Often the gas station varieties of e-cigs are completely disposable. While Green Smoke comes with a battery that detaches from the cartridge allowing it to recharge, gas station brands are typically single use.

Once the battery dies or the juice runs out, the customer is back at the gas station spending another $20 on the item. The rechargeable battery will save money and help protect the environment from as many dead batteries thrown into the landfill.

Much the same as the battery being rechargeable, the cartridges are also able to be replaced. That provides consumers the option to change flavors, as well as nicotine levels to help the heavy smoker move away from higher nicotine content over time.

Many of the other brands of e-cigs that people have heard of all have different looks to them. Almost all of the brands that do label their products as “e-cigarettes” rather than calling them “vapes” specifically resemble traditional cigarettes in shape and size.

For the individuals who are used to holding smokes in their hands and don’t want to give that comfort up, there’s no need to worry. Although a little heavier, as the components are reusable, Green Smoke e-cigs also hold the same shape as old school smokes.

Although most brands come in one style of decoration, they allow customers to purchase their individual batteries from a number of styles other than their original aesthetic. Following the same desire to provide consumers with options, the carrying cases also come in more than just the standard look. So for the stylish customer who cares for a little flare, they take good care of that.

Other brands do provide coupon codes, but the coupons are unlike any other when it comes to product quality for price.

Nicotine Flavors and Levels

The juices inside the cartridges are one of the main attractions to e-cigarettes. While the cigarettes most have come to know and despise come in one general flavor and smell, their electronic counterparts come in more choices than plain old smoke.

Although they do not smell to other people like smoke, Green Smoke does provide 3 tobacco flavors, meant to taste like tobacco produced in different regions and cured by different methods. You are also able to save money with the right coupons from Green Smoke.

Of course, not everyone cares for the taste of tobacco anymore, so for those individuals there has been a menthol option, and the company has recently begun releasing newer tastes to add one more way to enjoy vapor. Unfortunately, California and Rhode Island don’t have access to these flavors just yet, every other state can also decide between flavors of cloves, mocha and a creamy vanilla.

As for the nicotine content, not all juices are created equal and that was intentional. Green Smoke serves as a method for people who want an alternative to smoking.

For that reason, they offer high levels of nicotine all the way down to 0% nicotine in percentage increments. The highest level is 2.4% nicotine, which is for the smoker who does a disappearing act with a pack or two a day. The next options down are 1.8% and 1.2%, which bridge the gap between heavy smokers and moderate smokers.

After 1.2%, the only other option with nicotine is 0.6%, which is for the light smokers who have worked their way down on the eventual quest to their final option, the 0%. No matter how much or what consumers smoke, has done a great job of providing an alternative aimed at catering to the masses.

Getting a  Green Smoke Discount

By now, the last big question is most commonly about money and how to spend less of it using Green Smoke coupon codes. Although these products are not necessarily cheap, they took care of making them more affordable for people who do their homework.

Shopping in a store is typically a good way to spend more just for the convenience of getting an item immediately. On the website, however, shipping is free (estimated between 3 to 8 business days) and they also give discounts on items purchased in bulk.

So to save on the batteries, buying a starter pack is less than buying individuals. The same is true for cartridges, so they allow purchases of multiple 5 packs of cartridges at a lower rate and some offers may also include a free gift.

The last little goody that Green Smoke offers their customers is that they put a couple of coupons on their website. Taking the time to look for deals like this can really be worth while and help customers get one of the best-selling, option-rich methods to start vapor smoking. Our Green Smoke coupon is obviously the maximum discount that you will find on the web for all products.

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