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Halo Cigs

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New And Exciting Products At Halo Cigs

For years it looked like Halo was going to be stuck in a rut. Theirs happened to be a high-quality and much-loved rut.

They weren’t unsuccessful either. Like Green Smoke and White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, Halo Cigs found a set of excellent products and stayed loyal to those instead of expanding their product line into advanced devices and tanks. Times have changed, however; Halo has embarked on a new phase.

New and Old Together

Halo will still be the brand many first-timers turn to for their initial experience with vaping, probably when they try the G6. Halo didn’t ditch their old friends — the G6 and Triton — during their transformation.

You can still buy a starter kit for either of those splendid items, both available in lots of gorgeous colors. It is also possible to continue refueling your G6 with pre-filled cartomizers and replacing Triton tanks. Nothing has been taken away but a lot has been added: the Tracer and Reactor, two new APVs, plus applicable accessories.

The Tracer Starter Kit

If you want to move on from the Triton but are unsure where to start, this is the logical next step: a Tracer 2600-mAh APV.

Halo Tracer

The battery is made from sturdy and clean 304 stainless steel. Your tank is constructed from borosilicate glass and steel, holds 3.5 ml, and is topped with a wide-bore glass tip.

Glass is neutral and won’t affect the flavor of e juice. Thanks to the addition of glass tanks, Halo customers can also introduce acidic e juices to their repertoire which would have cracked the plastic Triton Tank.

We’ll get more into fruity flavors in a minute. Inside the Tracer Tank there is a sub-ohm dual coil atomizer head, suitable for thick e liquids. So far, so good: now choose black or silver and a 30-ml bottle of e juice from the new High-vegetable glycerin line such as Malibu, Kringles, or Tribeca. You are ready to make clouds, and can still use coupons.

Reactor Starter Kits

Next there comes a Halo box mod which would be a leap from the Triton but a gentle hop after vaping with the Tracer.

Halo Cigs Reactor Starter Kit

You get almost double the battery power (4400 mAh), a 5-ml tank, and 0.5-ohm sub-ohm vapor-chasing capacity. Recharge from a built-in USB port. The Reactor Tank is a bigger version of the one noted featuring the same elements and materials, so once more it’s possible to vape with fruits and spices that would have wrecked a lesser tank.

Your kit costs $69.99 and is also packaged with 30 ml of e liquid. Select a Reactor in black, blue, pink, or silver. It can be even less with the proper coupon code.

Accessories for Your Halo Gear

Tanks are listed under headings for e cigs, vape pens, and mods. There is no special section for tanks, clearomizers, or cartomizers, but they have been filed logically.

A Tracer Tank costs $24.99 while the battery on its own is $29.99. The Reactor Tank costs the same as a Tracer Tank but the bottom cap is stylized with metal pearling. A Reactor battery base is priced only $39.99. For an American company, Halo sure is on the ball with their price tags., especially with the right coupon.

New E Juice at Halo

All the same excellent flavors are available: Black Calico, Prime 15, and Longhorn, for example. Their new e juice is called V-Type containing 70% vegetable glycerin. The Purity line still appears to be there plus a new brand: eVo.

Their website needs to clean up this part a little bit; e juice selection is confusing; Green Smoke is much better laid out. I was searching for V-Type as distinct from Purity but could not find the information. Evo is listed separately with flavors like Pure Pomegranate, Limelight, Hazelnut Cappuccino, and Backwoods Blueberry.

Prices are $5.99 for 7 ml of Purity or $6.99 for 10 ml of eVo e juice. Both companies use USP vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and FEMA/GRAS-approved flavorings.

Some things Never Change

G6 kits and Triton sets are still reasonably priced and colorful. They contain the same items as before: two batteries with the G6 plus 5 cartomizers, a case, and chargers; two batteries, two clearomizers, a cone, chargers, 30 ml of e liquid, and a case for the Triton. Select 400 mAh or 650 mAh when buying the Triton kit but separate batteries offer as much as 1300 mAh.

Changed Appearance

Halo’s website was always slightly dusky. E cigs were in the shadows when they first launched their products online so that was fitting, but not anymore.

Today they are out in the light. So is their website. The background is white with black trim at the top showing headings for e liquid, e cigarettes, vape pens, mods, starter kits, clearance items, rewards, gear, and more information; including coupons.

Clearance Items

Save several dollars by purchasing earmarked e juices like Southern Classic (added in 2013), the G6 Mini (65 mm) starter kit ($24.50), or the original Shamrock E Liquid (Halo must have updated it).

You can also save money by using reward points you have been saving for a rainy day. Put them to good use buying a new Reactor.

Of course a good alternative to Halo is always Green Smoke!



What did I like and dislike about NuvoCig? There were various highlights and lowlights worth mentioning, and here is some of what I looked for.

The way a website is organized matters when a store sells products over the internet. Its aesthetic appeal also has some bearing on how pleasurable it is to shop or browse there. I was interested in the quality of their products and how much sense (or how little sense) their kits made to me as a shopper.

Selection is a critical part of a vendor’s appeal whether in terms of colors, flavors, nicotine values, or battery power. I’ll go into detail in the following NuvoCig review, with will be much like the Green Smoke one.

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Boutique Approach?

What does it mean when a hotel, shop, or winery is termed “boutique?” This means that their clientele is elite. Product selection is limited to only the very best, personally chosen, highest-quality items.

Prices are generally higher, unless you have coupon codes, and style is extremely important. Often that style is fashionable but classic at the same time. How does NuvoCig fit into the notion of “boutique” e-commerce?

As an internet store, I find the notion oxymoronic. When you operate online, everyone has access to your products. Any personal attention you expect from a high-end hotel or winery is absent from an internet e cig store, unlike Green Smoke.

NuvoCig’s presentation is organized in such a way as to guide the eye of a traveling vaper or female vaper, specifically. Their special battery choices show attention to detail. Standard batteries in white or silver feature blue, green, orange, red, or pink LED tips. Multi-colored batteries are tipped with a changing LED light. The Ultimate battery in silver is straight-up powerful at 1000 mAh.

Really, though, e cigs are for everyone and pricing, though high at times, isn’t high enough to exclude many people on the basis of social class or financial flexibility.

Nuvocig.comNuvoCigs Online Presentation

I have never liked the way NuvoCigs organizes their starter kits. They are a little confusing..

What’s the difference between a Deluxe Kit for Her and other kits? Nothing particularly feminine stands out except the option to add a pink carry case as opposed to plaid or a checkered design.

A regular Deluxe Kit costs $59.99 and comes with 2 standard batteries, 5 cartomizers, plus the choice of a USB or a USB and car charger for no extra cost. You can get it even cheaper with the right coupon code.

The Big Battery Kit, for $49.99, contains an Ultimate or Multi-Color battery with a USB or USB and car charger plus 5 cartomizers. Other packages include the Deluxe Plus, Premium, and Commuter Kit. This last one for $76.99 contains a standard battery, big battery, USB charger, car charger, and five cartomizers.

An accessory sold separately is the Portable Charger, which I will talk about later and would make a great addition to the Commuter Kit at no extra cost. You can build your own bundle too, choosing battery size, carto flavors, and adding accessories such as chargers and a case.

Electronic Extras

NuvoCig also carries electronic hookahs, cigars, and pipes. Their disposable e cigars cost $19.99 for 500 puffs or $29.99 for 1,000 puffs. A gavel-shaped, silver mechanical E Pipe costs $99. E Hookahs restore some of the exotic glamour to vaping but with rechargeable convenience.


With a few exceptions, most cartomizers are sold in a limited range of nicotine strengths. Customers can order 0 to 2.4% when they buy Tobacco or Menthol but the rest are sold with maximum nicotine or High and Non-Nicotine.

Amid styles like Lychee, Champagne, Brandy, Whiskey, Vanilla, and Watermelon are familiar and unexpected flavors you don’t see every day in cartomizer form. Pay $19.99 for 5 which is not the cheapest price on the market.

E Liquid at NuvoCig

When it comes to e liquid NuvoCig is unclear. They charge $9.99 but don’t list the bottle size, which I am guessing is 15ml. Their 15 flavors are available in high or non-nicotine. Choose Cola, Butterscotch, Caramel Toffee, etc.


The Portable Charger I mentioned above looks like a thick battery tube or an 18350 cell for a regulated device. It cost $19.99. Standard batteries are priced just $12.99. While this is expensive in the world of technology, in terms of brand-name batteries it’s fair.

Chargers, cases, and clearomizers are also featured in this section. You can purchase a tank and battery combination for $37.99 or a battery and charger for $32.99. Don’t forget: they are listed under “accessories,” not “starter kits.” And use coupon codes before checkout.


NuvoCig plays the affiliate game like most e cig companies. For businesses, this is an excellent arrangement, providing advertising for much less than professionals would charge. Affiliates take a portion of sales, not a straight payment for their promotional efforts.

Lastly, Disposables

I can’t forget these: a lot of smokers try disposable e cigs before they make a full-blown commitment to vape. There are two flavors, tobacco and menthol, and high or super-high nicotine values. Pay $9.99 for each one.

NuvoCig Review

I think NuvoCig should simplify their website and work on how they present their starter kits so that it’s better organized. Streamlining so there are fewer of them with more customization options would be neater. It should be much more like Green Smoke.

Also, why offer the choice of a USB or a USB and car charger for the same price? Even if you don’t own a car, why not take the car charger and give it away?

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs was once best known for their starter kits: one for every budget. They carried (and still carry) a starter kit for a brand new vaper uncertain about this new way of enjoying nicotine, for someone accustomed to vaping at a computer terminal, and for individuals who know they have struck gold and want all the gear they can get. They are probably the largest rival to Green Smoke.

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Prices range from under $20 to over $140 for a standard kit; even less for disposable e cigs. Today, however, V2 Cigs is known as a cross-over company.

Their client base is growing while existing customers’ experience and expectations grow. In this V2 Cigs review, see how they plan to keep up. This is much like Green Smoke.

Crossing Over

Electronic cigarette companies that bulk up their portfolio usually go one of two ways: towards 650-mAh-plus batteries and tanks or in the direction of herbal vaporizers.

V2 Cigs has actually branched out in both directions.

Their product line now includes the Pro-Series 3-in-1.

As the weather gets colder, this line will heat up with powerful variable voltage models added to their current Pro Series 3. It works with liquids, essential oils, and herbs.

Beautifying E Cigs

Before introducing their latest technology, V2 Cigs concentrated on making e cigs more beautiful. Vapor Couture made e cigs acceptable for women with a flair for fashion. They also added EX batteries and cartomizers.

These elegant devices in patterns like Bloom and Casino Royale also increase the power of your e cig. Producing a power rating between standard and long V2 Classic, EX batteries fit with EX cartomizers capable of producing twice the puffs of Classic cartomizers. Most starter kits can be customized to an EX format.

V2 Red E LiquidE Liquid

The flavor profile of V2 Cigs has improved, much like Green Smoke. They occasionally introduce limited edition flavors to their cartomizer line. Alongside tobacco, mint, and specialty flavors, they currently offer Mint Chocolate Truffle and Pina Colada.

These cost the same as Classic cartomizers ($10.33 for a single package of five, one the industry’s best prices), but are not available as EX or Vapor Couture. V2 Cigs also carries a line of e liquids and has partnered with ZigZag to offer e liquids and disposables from their selection.

One final juice option is to customize cartomizers, purchasing a pack of 100 for $233.51 (Classic only) and receiving the flavor blend of your choice.

V2 ProsA Closer Look at the Pro Series

The most exciting item on the V2 Cigs list lately has been their Pro Series 3-in-1.

State-of-the-art technology allows the consumer to fit one of three cartridges onto a single base without screwing or snapping it into place.

These cartridges contain only essential oils, herbs, or e liquid because the heating element works differently for each and the ideal temperature varies. The base automatically sets a temperature considered just right for whatever material one is using.

A starter kit contains just the base and an e liquid cartridge, with the herbal cartridges sold separately. Essential oil cartridges are yet to be released but they are not far off.

This is an astonishing breakthrough both in terms of convenience and looks. No longer does the vaper have to choose to be an e liquid vaper, vaporize herbs, or take two devices with him everywhere (not to mention the expense of buying two devices).

Moreover, the Pro Series 3 features a long guiding tube into which a cartridge fits snugly so as to create a natural, unified appearance. V2 Cigs will eventually carry materials for herbal and essential oil consumers.

You might feel a bit ripped-off realizing that the low price of under $65 only includes one cartridge, but take a look at other prices for vaporizers, including 3-in-1 devices: V2 is being competitive here.

A Run Down of Vapor Couture

There are just four elegant, feminine colors available in the Vapor Couture line: Signature (white with Vapor Couture all over), Rose Gold, deep purple, and platinum.

They have just 6 flavors to offer you as well: two mint ones, two tobaccos, and two fruits. It’s not a jaw-dropping amount of choice, but e liquid is not what people think of when they buy a Vapor Couture starter kit. They’ve got fashion at the front of their minds.

This is borne out by the format of their starter kits. As you progress through the list with their Passeport and Maximale kits, for instance, you find clutches and a little case.

Either of these could feature at a high-end baggage store selling iPod cases and handbags. It wouldn’t be obvious at first glance that these had anything to do with vaping.

Besides lacking choices and, according to consumers, being short on taste, Vapor Couture e cigs are expensive. Regular V2 Cigs are not compatible with them either, so you can’t take a better flavor from V2 and add it to a VC battery. Mind you, such a move would ruin the look anyway.

V2 Cigs for Beginners

It all started with a beginners’ electronic cigarette resembling analogs and weighing almost the same. E cigs are a little heavier, but not by much. Even with new brands coming out and making use of better battery technology, V2 still outperforms many in terms of taste, vapor production, and battery life.

Their quality continues to shine through. If you are a new vaper, they have disposables and automatic batteries that give you a chance to play around a bit; get used to holding an electronic cigarette and readjusting to their slightly different dimensions and weight. As I said, the difference is small, but after smoking for 17 years you will notice the difference.

Customer Service

A primary reason why V2 Cigs has made waves all over the world is their customer service: it’s second to none. Clients constantly report feeling more than satisfied but, in fact, impressed with the way agents at V2 treat them. If you want a company that grows with you and your vaping needs, V2 is still America’s front runner, right along with Green Smoke.

Cost vs Tobacco Cigarettes

Vapers and vaping companies insist that smokers will save money if they switch to e cigs. Companies like Green Smoke are among the top-selling brands of electronic cigs in America. What savings can a smoker expect to enjoy by selecting this electronic cigarette over real cigarettes?

Costs of Cigarettes

Firstly, it’s helpful to realize how much a person spends on cigarettes in the first place. The price of a package can be as low as $5 in places, but a more realistic price is usually up to around $10 although prices can be higher.

The average smoker might get through a pack of cigarettes daily which brings the total for a year of smoking to $3,650. Add or subtract a few hundred dollars, but the reality is smoking costs several thousands of dollars annually.

Costs of E Cigarettes

A single e cig battery is said to last for up to 300 charges. A pack-a-day smoker will probably require about the equivalent of 3 fully-charged batteries daily taking into consideration loss of power over time.

At this rate it will take about 100 days to fully deplete a battery costing over $15 or about $31 for two, the minimum needed for successful, uninterrupted vaping. Add the price of cartridges: at least one, perhaps two daily, priced around $2.00 each if you take advantage of bulk savings.

One hundred days of smoking costs $200. Combine both items and that’s $231 for 100 days: $2.31 per day or $843 during a year. I didn’t add chargers or factor in the savings from a starter kit, but there are other savings too with the use of coupon codes.

Savings with Green Smoke

For one thing, you receive reward points for shopping with Green Smoke. Spend them on batteries and cartridges to save money. Coupon codes reduce the price too, so it’s possible to take advantage of deals throughout that 365-day period and save around $2,000 yearly.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

As the e cig market floods with options, one might expect Green Smoke to lose momentum. They don’t sell eGo-type vaporizers.

The brand offers only 7 flavors of cartridges, not even e liquid and clearomizers or blank cartomizers. Selection seems limited in every category, including starter kits.

At Green Smoke, however, they would probably say quality is more important than quantity, and that is where their focus is directed: bringing customers the best of what they have to offer.

Starter Kits

That policy starts with starter kits, also known as “bundles.” These are money-saving collections of batteries and cartridges with charging equipment.

Take a set apart and pay for items individually: the cost goes up quite a bit. Put them all together in the form of a bundle and you save money while simultaneously saving yourself the effort of figuring out exactly what items you need to buy.

Three Kits

There are just three options at Green Smoke: the Pro, Express, or Essentials Kit. Green Smoke’s most popular offering is the Pro at $74.05. The Express costs $46.72 but an Essentials Kit is priced just $18.49.

View them in one of several formats to easily compare contents. A 30-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty apply to all of them. Green Smoke will also pay for shipping going both ways.

Pro Starter Kit

Since this tops the charts at Green Smoke, let’s see what is inside the Pro Starter Set.

greensmoke pro kit

You receive 3 long batteries, 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, adapters for home and the car, and a carry case. Select two packages of cartomizers and one or two flavors with up to 2.4% nicotine. The car charging adapter gives vapers more flexibility to travel and vape without worrying about carrying extra batteries.

Express Kit

Vapers would refer to this as the real “minimum” when it comes to bundles: a 2-battery set containing 5 cartomizers.

greensmoke express kit

With two batteries, you have the opportunity to figure out a recharging routine which is going to be the biggest learning curve when you first try vaping. Select from 7 flavors or cartridges. The Express Set comes with one long and one short battery.

Essentials Set

You get very little for under $20 where kits are concerned, but they don’t call it the “Essentials Kit” for nothing. Find out what it feels like to draw on metal device which looks like a cigarette without paying for additional batteries and charging devices.

greensmoke essentials kit

With just a single battery and two cartridges plus a USB charger, this is designed to be a taster only; something to tempt a smoker with the idea of vaping. Choose Absolute or Red Label Tobacco or Menthol Ice, 1.8%.

Replenishing Cartomizers

Atomized cartridges known as cartomizers come in seven flavors, three of which are varieties of tobacco. Green Smoke Absolute is mellow and nutty while Red Label brings forth bold, woody flavors. Try Tobacco Gold when you want something sweet and aromatic.

Mountain Clove, Smooth Cream, Menthol Ice, and Mocha Mist are self-explanatory. Green Smoke makes it easy to switch to vapor smoking with many ranges of nicotine flavors with values as high as 2.4% followed by 1.8, 1.2, 0.6%, and 0% nicotine.

Save money by ordering as many of these at a time as you can. Buying 20 packages of 5 per order brings their cost down to $9.97 per pack as opposed to $12.99 per individual 5-pack.

The lowest price available is $9.58, but to activate such low pricing clients must sign up for automatic shipments  or coupon codes. Another way to save money is by saving up cartomizers and sending 80 back at a time for recycling. Green Smoke will reward you with 26 points you can spend at their online store.

Green Smoke’s Flavors – The New Additions

Green Smoke is one of the leading e-cigarette retailers in the analog cigarette market. Although e-cigarettes of this sort have been around longer than most forms of vape pen for nicotine use, the variety within the market has only made small pushes toward diversity, rather than embracing the extreme selection of flavors available in bottles of e-liquid.

It seems that companies that make e-cigarettes by that specific name choose to produce a certain line of flavors to cater to their most likely demographic. Because e-cigarettes are the intermediary step most smokers use to experiment with vaporizers, tobacco flavors and the aesthetic of a cigarette are still appealing, while candy and dessert flavors are less in demand yet.

Green Smoke has kept up with this mentality, for the most part. The first three flavors that can be seen displayed on any given page containing a flavor selection are tobacco flavors.

Green Smoke Red LabelTheir Red Label Tobacco flavor is said to resemble a mild, smooth Virginia tobacco, while Tobacco Gold is explained as a blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos. It would appear that the Absolute Tobacco is the burley tobacco blended with the red label to create the gold flavor.

Green Smoke has also had a menthol flavor as a part of their original lineup, as is standard with most e-cig companies. Tobacco flavors and menthols have always been go-to’s for pre-filled cartridges sold by companies like Green Smoke.

Since other flavors of e-liquid have emerged in large popularity, it seems that Green Smoke has also thought better of only keeping 4 flavors, electing to diversify their line with 3 new flavors that cater to smokers still, but also to a wider audience.

For the smokers of clove cigarettes, they’ve made Mountain Clove, reminiscent of the cinnamon-flavored black cigarettes so many favor, their last two new flavors are similar to dessert flavors favored by vapers that have graduated past the e-cigarette stage. Mocha Mist is a new flavor that can surely be imagined by the name. Their last new flavor in their expanded line of 7 is a vanilla flavor called Smooth Cream; all from Green Smoke.

The decisions to release new flavors besides tobacco and menthol by Green Smoke show very over-due growth within the e-cigarette market. Although other vaporizer products have expanded far more, this is a welcomed advancement toward e-cigarette products for the brand new vapers that are less aimed to keep the nostalgia of smoking cigarettes and want the option to diversify their flavors and enjoy more flavors, as is one of the great benefits of switching from smokes to vapor.

Green Smoke is heading in the right direction with at least two flavors that are not cigarette-related specifically, but it should be noted for online buyers that these new flavors are not yet available in California, or Rhode Island. Hopefully soon they are, and hopefully soon, Green Smoke will push progress further. Only time will tell.