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Cost vs Tobacco Cigarettes

Vapers and vaping companies insist that smokers will save money if they switch to e cigs. Companies like Green Smoke are among the top-selling brands of electronic cigs in America. What savings can a smoker expect to enjoy by selecting this electronic cigarette over real cigarettes?

Costs of Cigarettes

Firstly, it’s helpful to realize how much a person spends on cigarettes in the first place. The price of a package can be as low as $5 in places, but a more realistic price is usually up to around $10 although prices can be higher.

The average smoker might get through a pack of cigarettes daily which brings the total for a year of smoking to $3,650. Add or subtract a few hundred dollars, but the reality is smoking costs several thousands of dollars annually.

Costs of E Cigarettes

A single e cig battery is said to last for up to 300 charges. A pack-a-day smoker will probably require about the equivalent of 3 fully-charged batteries daily taking into consideration loss of power over time.

At this rate it will take about 100 days to fully deplete a battery costing over $15 or about $31 for two, the minimum needed for successful, uninterrupted vaping. Add the price of cartridges: at least one, perhaps two daily, priced around $2.00 each if you take advantage of bulk savings.

One hundred days of smoking costs $200. Combine both items and that’s $231 for 100 days: $2.31 per day or $843 during a year. I didn’t add chargers or factor in the savings from a starter kit, but there are other savings too with the use of coupon codes.

Savings with Green Smoke

For one thing, you receive reward points for shopping with Green Smoke. Spend them on batteries and cartridges to save money. Coupon codes reduce the price too, so it’s possible to take advantage of deals throughout that 365-day period and save around $2,000 yearly.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

As the e cig market floods with options, one might expect Green Smoke to lose momentum. They don’t sell eGo-type vaporizers.

The brand offers only 7 flavors of cartridges, not even e liquid and clearomizers or blank cartomizers. Selection seems limited in every category, including starter kits.

At Green Smoke, however, they would probably say quality is more important than quantity, and that is where their focus is directed: bringing customers the best of what they have to offer.

Starter Kits

That policy starts with starter kits, also known as “bundles.” These are money-saving collections of batteries and cartridges with charging equipment.

Take a set apart and pay for items individually: the cost goes up quite a bit. Put them all together in the form of a bundle and you save money while simultaneously saving yourself the effort of figuring out exactly what items you need to buy.

Three Kits

There are just three options at Green Smoke: the Pro, Express, or Essentials Kit. Green Smoke’s most popular offering is the Pro at $74.05. The Express costs $46.72 but an Essentials Kit is priced just $18.49.

View them in one of several formats to easily compare contents. A 30-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty apply to all of them. Green Smoke will also pay for shipping going both ways.

Pro Starter Kit

Since this tops the charts at Green Smoke, let’s see what is inside the Pro Starter Set.

greensmoke pro kit

You receive 3 long batteries, 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, adapters for home and the car, and a carry case. Select two packages of cartomizers and one or two flavors with up to 2.4% nicotine. The car charging adapter gives vapers more flexibility to travel and vape without worrying about carrying extra batteries.

Express Kit

Vapers would refer to this as the real “minimum” when it comes to bundles: a 2-battery set containing 5 cartomizers.

greensmoke express kit

With two batteries, you have the opportunity to figure out a recharging routine which is going to be the biggest learning curve when you first try vaping. Select from 7 flavors or cartridges. The Express Set comes with one long and one short battery.

Essentials Set

You get very little for under $20 where kits are concerned, but they don’t call it the “Essentials Kit” for nothing. Find out what it feels like to draw on metal device which looks like a cigarette without paying for additional batteries and charging devices.

greensmoke essentials kit

With just a single battery and two cartridges plus a USB charger, this is designed to be a taster only; something to tempt a smoker with the idea of vaping. Choose Absolute or Red Label Tobacco or Menthol Ice, 1.8%.

Replenishing Cartomizers

Atomized cartridges known as cartomizers come in seven flavors, three of which are varieties of tobacco. Green Smoke Absolute is mellow and nutty while Red Label brings forth bold, woody flavors. Try Tobacco Gold when you want something sweet and aromatic.

Mountain Clove, Smooth Cream, Menthol Ice, and Mocha Mist are self-explanatory. Green Smoke makes it easy to switch to vapor smoking with many ranges of nicotine flavors with values as high as 2.4% followed by 1.8, 1.2, 0.6%, and 0% nicotine.

Save money by ordering as many of these at a time as you can. Buying 20 packages of 5 per order brings their cost down to $9.97 per pack as opposed to $12.99 per individual 5-pack.

The lowest price available is $9.58, but to activate such low pricing clients must sign up for automatic shipments  or coupon codes. Another way to save money is by saving up cartomizers and sending 80 back at a time for recycling. Green Smoke will reward you with 26 points you can spend at their online store.

Green Smoke’s Flavors – The New Additions

Green Smoke is one of the leading e-cigarette retailers in the analog cigarette market. Although e-cigarettes of this sort have been around longer than most forms of vape pen for nicotine use, the variety within the market has only made small pushes toward diversity, rather than embracing the extreme selection of flavors available in bottles of e-liquid.

It seems that companies that make e-cigarettes by that specific name choose to produce a certain line of flavors to cater to their most likely demographic. Because e-cigarettes are the intermediary step most smokers use to experiment with vaporizers, tobacco flavors and the aesthetic of a cigarette are still appealing, while candy and dessert flavors are less in demand yet.

Green Smoke has kept up with this mentality, for the most part. The first three flavors that can be seen displayed on any given page containing a flavor selection are tobacco flavors.

Green Smoke Red LabelTheir Red Label Tobacco flavor is said to resemble a mild, smooth Virginia tobacco, while Tobacco Gold is explained as a blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos. It would appear that the Absolute Tobacco is the burley tobacco blended with the red label to create the gold flavor.

Green Smoke has also had a menthol flavor as a part of their original lineup, as is standard with most e-cig companies. Tobacco flavors and menthols have always been go-to’s for pre-filled cartridges sold by companies like Green Smoke.

Since other flavors of e-liquid have emerged in large popularity, it seems that Green Smoke has also thought better of only keeping 4 flavors, electing to diversify their line with 3 new flavors that cater to smokers still, but also to a wider audience.

For the smokers of clove cigarettes, they’ve made Mountain Clove, reminiscent of the cinnamon-flavored black cigarettes so many favor, their last two new flavors are similar to dessert flavors favored by vapers that have graduated past the e-cigarette stage. Mocha Mist is a new flavor that can surely be imagined by the name. Their last new flavor in their expanded line of 7 is a vanilla flavor called Smooth Cream; all from Green Smoke.

The decisions to release new flavors besides tobacco and menthol by Green Smoke show very over-due growth within the e-cigarette market. Although other vaporizer products have expanded far more, this is a welcomed advancement toward e-cigarette products for the brand new vapers that are less aimed to keep the nostalgia of smoking cigarettes and want the option to diversify their flavors and enjoy more flavors, as is one of the great benefits of switching from smokes to vapor.

Green Smoke is heading in the right direction with at least two flavors that are not cigarette-related specifically, but it should be noted for online buyers that these new flavors are not yet available in California, or Rhode Island. Hopefully soon they are, and hopefully soon, Green Smoke will push progress further. Only time will tell.