Cost vs Tobacco Cigarettes

Vapers and vaping companies insist that smokers will save money if they switch to e cigs. Companies like Green Smoke are among the top-selling brands of electronic cigs in America. What savings can a smoker expect to enjoy by selecting this electronic cigarette over real cigarettes?

Costs of Cigarettes

Firstly, it’s helpful to realize how much a person spends on cigarettes in the first place. The price of a package can be as low as $5 in places, but a more realistic price is usually up to around $10 although prices can be higher.

The average smoker might get through a pack of cigarettes daily which brings the total for a year of smoking to $3,650. Add or subtract a few hundred dollars, but the reality is smoking costs several thousands of dollars annually.

Costs of E Cigarettes

A single e cig battery is said to last for up to 300 charges. A pack-a-day smoker will probably require about the equivalent of 3 fully-charged batteries daily taking into consideration loss of power over time.

At this rate it will take about 100 days to fully deplete a battery costing over $15 or about $31 for two, the minimum needed for successful, uninterrupted vaping. Add the price of cartridges: at least one, perhaps two daily, priced around $2.00 each if you take advantage of bulk savings.

One hundred days of smoking costs $200. Combine both items and that’s $231 for 100 days: $2.31 per day or $843 during a year. I didn’t add chargers or factor in the savings from a starter kit, but there are other savings too with the use of coupon codes.

Savings with Green Smoke

For one thing, you receive reward points for shopping with Green Smoke. Spend them on batteries and cartridges to save money. Coupon codes reduce the price too, so it’s possible to take advantage of deals throughout that 365-day period and save around $2,000 yearly.

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