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New And Exciting Products At Halo Cigs

For years it looked like Halo was going to be stuck in a rut. Theirs happened to be a high-quality and much-loved rut.

They weren’t unsuccessful either. Like Green Smoke and White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, Halo Cigs found a set of excellent products and stayed loyal to those instead of expanding their product line into advanced devices and tanks. Times have changed, however; Halo has embarked on a new phase.

New and Old Together

Halo will still be the brand many first-timers turn to for their initial experience with vaping, probably when they try the G6. Halo didn’t ditch their old friends — the G6 and Triton — during their transformation.

You can still buy a starter kit for either of those splendid items, both available in lots of gorgeous colors. It is also possible to continue refueling your G6 with pre-filled cartomizers and replacing Triton tanks. Nothing has been taken away but a lot has been added: the Tracer and Reactor, two new APVs, plus applicable accessories.

The Tracer Starter Kit

If you want to move on from the Triton but are unsure where to start, this is the logical next step: a Tracer 2600-mAh APV.

Halo Tracer

The battery is made from sturdy and clean 304 stainless steel. Your tank is constructed from borosilicate glass and steel, holds 3.5 ml, and is topped with a wide-bore glass tip.

Glass is neutral and won’t affect the flavor of e juice. Thanks to the addition of glass tanks, Halo customers can also introduce acidic e juices to their repertoire which would have cracked the plastic Triton Tank.

We’ll get more into fruity flavors in a minute. Inside the Tracer Tank there is a sub-ohm dual coil atomizer head, suitable for thick e liquids. So far, so good: now choose black or silver and a 30-ml bottle of e juice from the new High-vegetable glycerin line such as Malibu, Kringles, or Tribeca. You are ready to make clouds, and can still use coupons.

Reactor Starter Kits

Next there comes a Halo box mod which would be a leap from the Triton but a gentle hop after vaping with the Tracer.

Halo Cigs Reactor Starter Kit

You get almost double the battery power (4400 mAh), a 5-ml tank, and 0.5-ohm sub-ohm vapor-chasing capacity. Recharge from a built-in USB port. The Reactor Tank is a bigger version of the one noted featuring the same elements and materials, so once more it’s possible to vape with fruits and spices that would have wrecked a lesser tank.

Your kit costs $69.99 and is also packaged with 30 ml of e liquid. Select a Reactor in black, blue, pink, or silver. It can be even less with the proper coupon code.

Accessories for Your Halo Gear

Tanks are listed under headings for e cigs, vape pens, and mods. There is no special section for tanks, clearomizers, or cartomizers, but they have been filed logically.

A Tracer Tank costs $24.99 while the battery on its own is $29.99. The Reactor Tank costs the same as a Tracer Tank but the bottom cap is stylized with metal pearling. A Reactor battery base is priced only $39.99. For an American company, Halo sure is on the ball with their price tags., especially with the right coupon.

New E Juice at Halo

All the same excellent flavors are available: Black Calico, Prime 15, and Longhorn, for example. Their new e juice is called V-Type containing 70% vegetable glycerin. The Purity line still appears to be there plus a new brand: eVo.

Their website needs to clean up this part a little bit; e juice selection is confusing; Green Smoke is much better laid out. I was searching for V-Type as distinct from Purity but could not find the information. Evo is listed separately with flavors like Pure Pomegranate, Limelight, Hazelnut Cappuccino, and Backwoods Blueberry.

Prices are $5.99 for 7 ml of Purity or $6.99 for 10 ml of eVo e juice. Both companies use USP vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and FEMA/GRAS-approved flavorings.

Some things Never Change

G6 kits and Triton sets are still reasonably priced and colorful. They contain the same items as before: two batteries with the G6 plus 5 cartomizers, a case, and chargers; two batteries, two clearomizers, a cone, chargers, 30 ml of e liquid, and a case for the Triton. Select 400 mAh or 650 mAh when buying the Triton kit but separate batteries offer as much as 1300 mAh.

Changed Appearance

Halo’s website was always slightly dusky. E cigs were in the shadows when they first launched their products online so that was fitting, but not anymore.

Today they are out in the light. So is their website. The background is white with black trim at the top showing headings for e liquid, e cigarettes, vape pens, mods, starter kits, clearance items, rewards, gear, and more information; including coupons.

Clearance Items

Save several dollars by purchasing earmarked e juices like Southern Classic (added in 2013), the G6 Mini (65 mm) starter kit ($24.50), or the original Shamrock E Liquid (Halo must have updated it).

You can also save money by using reward points you have been saving for a rainy day. Put them to good use buying a new Reactor.

Of course a good alternative to Halo is always Green Smoke!


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