What did I like and dislike about NuvoCig? There were various highlights and lowlights worth mentioning, and here is some of what I looked for.

The way a website is organized matters when a store sells products over the internet. Its aesthetic appeal also has some bearing on how pleasurable it is to shop or browse there. I was interested in the quality of their products and how much sense (or how little sense) their kits made to me as a shopper.

Selection is a critical part of a vendor’s appeal whether in terms of colors, flavors, nicotine values, or battery power. I’ll go into detail in the following NuvoCig review, with will be much like the Green Smoke one.

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Boutique Approach?

What does it mean when a hotel, shop, or winery is termed “boutique?” This means that their clientele is elite. Product selection is limited to only the very best, personally chosen, highest-quality items.

Prices are generally higher, unless you have coupon codes, and style is extremely important. Often that style is fashionable but classic at the same time. How does NuvoCig fit into the notion of “boutique” e-commerce?

As an internet store, I find the notion oxymoronic. When you operate online, everyone has access to your products. Any personal attention you expect from a high-end hotel or winery is absent from an internet e cig store, unlike Green Smoke.

NuvoCig’s presentation is organized in such a way as to guide the eye of a traveling vaper or female vaper, specifically. Their special battery choices show attention to detail. Standard batteries in white or silver feature blue, green, orange, red, or pink LED tips. Multi-colored batteries are tipped with a changing LED light. The Ultimate battery in silver is straight-up powerful at 1000 mAh.

Really, though, e cigs are for everyone and pricing, though high at times, isn’t high enough to exclude many people on the basis of social class or financial flexibility.

Nuvocig.comNuvoCigs Online Presentation

I have never liked the way NuvoCigs organizes their starter kits. They are a little confusing..

What’s the difference between a Deluxe Kit for Her and other kits? Nothing particularly feminine stands out except the option to add a pink carry case as opposed to plaid or a checkered design.

A regular Deluxe Kit costs $59.99 and comes with 2 standard batteries, 5 cartomizers, plus the choice of a USB or a USB and car charger for no extra cost. You can get it even cheaper with the right coupon code.

The Big Battery Kit, for $49.99, contains an Ultimate or Multi-Color battery with a USB or USB and car charger plus 5 cartomizers. Other packages include the Deluxe Plus, Premium, and Commuter Kit. This last one for $76.99 contains a standard battery, big battery, USB charger, car charger, and five cartomizers.

An accessory sold separately is the Portable Charger, which I will talk about later and would make a great addition to the Commuter Kit at no extra cost. You can build your own bundle too, choosing battery size, carto flavors, and adding accessories such as chargers and a case.

Electronic Extras

NuvoCig also carries electronic hookahs, cigars, and pipes. Their disposable e cigars cost $19.99 for 500 puffs or $29.99 for 1,000 puffs. A gavel-shaped, silver mechanical E Pipe costs $99. E Hookahs restore some of the exotic glamour to vaping but with rechargeable convenience.


With a few exceptions, most cartomizers are sold in a limited range of nicotine strengths. Customers can order 0 to 2.4% when they buy Tobacco or Menthol but the rest are sold with maximum nicotine or High and Non-Nicotine.

Amid styles like Lychee, Champagne, Brandy, Whiskey, Vanilla, and Watermelon are familiar and unexpected flavors you don’t see every day in cartomizer form. Pay $19.99 for 5 which is not the cheapest price on the market.

E Liquid at NuvoCig

When it comes to e liquid NuvoCig is unclear. They charge $9.99 but don’t list┬áthe bottle size, which I am guessing is 15ml. Their 15 flavors are available in high or non-nicotine. Choose Cola, Butterscotch, Caramel Toffee, etc.


The Portable Charger I mentioned above looks like a thick battery tube or an 18350 cell for a regulated device. It cost $19.99. Standard batteries are priced just $12.99. While this is expensive in the world of technology, in terms of brand-name batteries it’s fair.

Chargers, cases, and clearomizers are also featured in this section. You can purchase a tank and battery combination for $37.99 or a battery and charger for $32.99. Don’t forget: they are listed under “accessories,” not “starter kits.” And use coupon codes before checkout.


NuvoCig plays the affiliate game like most e cig companies. For businesses, this is an excellent arrangement, providing advertising for much less than professionals would charge. Affiliates take a portion of sales, not a straight payment for their promotional efforts.

Lastly, Disposables

I can’t forget these: a lot of smokers try disposable e cigs before they make a full-blown commitment to vape. There are two flavors, tobacco and menthol, and high or super-high nicotine values. Pay $9.99 for each one.

NuvoCig Review

I think┬áNuvoCig should simplify their website and work on how they present their starter kits so that it’s better organized. Streamlining so there are fewer of them with more customization options would be neater. It should be much more like Green Smoke.

Also, why offer the choice of a USB or a USB and car charger for the same price? Even if you don’t own a car, why not take the car charger and give it away?

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