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V2 Cigs was once best known for their starter kits: one for every budget. They carried (and still carry) a starter kit for a brand new vaper uncertain about this new way of enjoying nicotine, for someone accustomed to vaping at a computer terminal, and for individuals who know they have struck gold and want all the gear they can get. They are probably the largest rival to Green Smoke.

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Prices range from under $20 to over $140 for a standard kit; even less for disposable e cigs. Today, however, V2 Cigs is known as a cross-over company.

Their client base is growing while existing customers’ experience and expectations grow. In this V2 Cigs review, see how they plan to keep up. This is much like Green Smoke.

Crossing Over

Electronic cigarette companies that bulk up their portfolio usually go one of two ways: towards 650-mAh-plus batteries and tanks or in the direction of herbal vaporizers.

V2 Cigs has actually branched out in both directions.

Their product line now includes the Pro-Series 3-in-1.

As the weather gets colder, this line will heat up with powerful variable voltage models added to their current Pro Series 3. It works with liquids, essential oils, and herbs.

Beautifying E Cigs

Before introducing their latest technology, V2 Cigs concentrated on making e cigs more beautiful. Vapor Couture made e cigs acceptable for women with a flair for fashion. They also added EX batteries and cartomizers.

These elegant devices in patterns like Bloom and Casino Royale also increase the power of your e cig. Producing a power rating between standard and long V2 Classic, EX batteries fit with EX cartomizers capable of producing twice the puffs of Classic cartomizers. Most starter kits can be customized to an EX format.

V2 Red E LiquidE Liquid

The flavor profile of V2 Cigs has improved, much like Green Smoke. They occasionally introduce limited edition flavors to their cartomizer line. Alongside tobacco, mint, and specialty flavors, they currently offer Mint Chocolate Truffle and Pina Colada.

These cost the same as Classic cartomizers ($10.33 for a single package of five, one the industry’s best prices), but are not available as EX or Vapor Couture. V2 Cigs also carries a line of e liquids and has partnered with ZigZag to offer e liquids and disposables from their selection.

One final juice option is to customize cartomizers, purchasing a pack of 100 for $233.51 (Classic only) and receiving the flavor blend of your choice.

V2 ProsA Closer Look at the Pro Series

The most exciting item on the V2 Cigs list lately has been their Pro Series 3-in-1.

State-of-the-art technology allows the consumer to fit one of three cartridges onto a single base without screwing or snapping it into place.

These cartridges contain only essential oils, herbs, or e liquid because the heating element works differently for each and the ideal temperature varies. The base automatically sets a temperature considered just right for whatever material one is using.

A starter kit contains just the base and an e liquid cartridge, with the herbal cartridges sold separately. Essential oil cartridges are yet to be released but they are not far off.

This is an astonishing breakthrough both in terms of convenience and looks. No longer does the vaper have to choose to be an e liquid vaper, vaporize herbs, or take two devices with him everywhere (not to mention the expense of buying two devices).

Moreover, the Pro Series 3 features a long guiding tube into which a cartridge fits snugly so as to create a natural, unified appearance. V2 Cigs will eventually carry materials for herbal and essential oil consumers.

You might feel a bit ripped-off realizing that the low price of under $65 only includes one cartridge, but take a look at other prices for vaporizers, including 3-in-1 devices: V2 is being competitive here.

A Run Down of Vapor Couture

There are just four elegant, feminine colors available in the Vapor Couture line: Signature (white with Vapor Couture all over), Rose Gold, deep purple, and platinum.

They have just 6 flavors to offer you as well: two mint ones, two tobaccos, and two fruits. It’s not a jaw-dropping amount of choice, but e liquid is not what people think of when they buy a Vapor Couture starter kit. They’ve got fashion at the front of their minds.

This is borne out by the format of their starter kits. As you progress through the list with their Passeport and Maximale kits, for instance, you find clutches and a little case.

Either of these could feature at a high-end baggage store selling iPod cases and handbags. It wouldn’t be obvious at first glance that these had anything to do with vaping.

Besides lacking choices and, according to consumers, being short on taste, Vapor Couture e cigs are expensive. Regular V2 Cigs are not compatible with them either, so you can’t take a better flavor from V2 and add it to a VC battery. Mind you, such a move would ruin the look anyway.

V2 Cigs for Beginners

It all started with a beginners’ electronic cigarette resembling analogs and weighing almost the same. E cigs are a little heavier, but not by much. Even with new brands coming out and making use of better battery technology, V2 still outperforms many in terms of taste, vapor production, and battery life.

Their quality continues to shine through. If you are a new vaper, they have disposables and automatic batteries that give you a chance to play around a bit; get used to holding an electronic cigarette and readjusting to their slightly different dimensions and weight. As I said, the difference is small, but after smoking for 17 years you will notice the difference.

Customer Service

A primary reason why V2 Cigs has made waves all over the world is their customer service: it’s second to none. Clients constantly report feeling more than satisfied but, in fact, impressed with the way agents at V2 treat them. If you want a company that grows with you and your vaping needs, V2 is still America’s front runner, right along with Green Smoke.

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